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Serving Salt Lake City, UT With Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting in Davis County is a necessary service for construction and repair projects of all types. The Salt Lake City, UT-based concrete experts at New Era Concrete make sure your project gets professional results with precise cutting. Our team has over two decades of combined experience. We apply our versatile expertise and skillset to ensure a quick and efficient work that matches the needed measurements for a variety of applications. Concrete walls, floors, ceilings, and other surfaces require an in-depth understanding of the tools and techniques proven the most effective over time. We’re available for residential and commercial projects of all sizes.


Types of Concrete Cutting We Offer

New Era Concrete wants to make sure your concrete project gets the cutting service it needs for your utility cables, HVAC system, decorative lines, and drainage. We offer various types of concrete cutting to residential and commercial clients. Here are a few examples:

Core Drilling

This type of cutting is necessary for various applications in the construction process. We expertly drill holes for floor drains, sewer drains and tie-ins, handrail and anchor holes, HVAC openings, and holes for electrical, cable, phone, and fiber optic cables. Core drilling produces these openings in concrete quickly and safely, and you get a consistent diameter.

Hand Sawing

We can efficiently saw through filled or hollow concrete to create openings for windows, doors, and mechanical features. This style of cutting is ideal for hard-to-reach areas, and we can cut up to 10 inches deep, which works well for walls in commercial and residential construction.

Slab Sawing

This type of cutting is also known as flat sawing. We use it to cut through a variety of concrete surfaces, including floors and roofs. Slab sawing has many applications, from decorative cuts in a walkway to performing patchwork on your driveway. We have a range of depths we cut down to, whether you need a shallow quarter-inch cut or a up to 30 inches.

Wall Sawing

When straight-line cutting through a wall is necessary for your project, we utilize the cutting technique known as wall sawing. A wall saw is mounted on a track to quickly and accurately cut through a wall from any position. We can even saw through reinforced concrete. Builders prefer this method for cutting slabs, cast-in-place walls, and tilt-up panels.

New Era Concrete Is Ready to Help You

If you have a concrete project that requires cutting, make sure you call New Era Concrete to take advantage of our extensive expertise. Call us to speak with a member of our team about your project, and we’ll provide a free estimate of the services you need. Our competitive prices and customer service are a few more reasons why you’ll enjoy working with us.

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