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Maintain Your Property With Concrete Repairs

New Era Concrete believes that our quality work makes all the difference in preserving your concrete through the years. Weather, moisture, and regular wear and tear can take their toll on your driveway and stairs, leading to cracks and other damage. Our professional concrete repairs resolve the damage in the long term with over 20 years of combined experience that the best tools and materials for the job. We’re located in Salt Lake City, UT, but we serve residential and commercial clients in Davis County and the Wasatch Front. Our goal is to ensure your concrete surfaces stay in the best condition possible, and we offer all our services at competitive prices.


Causes of Concrete Damage

Many elements can cause damage to concrete, and New Era Concrete is familiar with the effect these elements have and how to repair them. Cracks are virtually inevitable over time, but with the right materials and techniques, we’ll help your concrete stay in top condition for decades. Some of the most common causes of concrete damage include the following:

Weather and Temperature

Utah winters can be very cold and filled with snow, ice, and other moisture. When water seeps into your concrete and then freezes, which results in concrete flaking off. This process is known as scaling. Since the cement is a porous material, water can easily penetrate it and cause issues like scaling and even cracks when the cement freezes.

Drying Out

There is plenty of moisture in concrete when we pour it to install all sorts of property features, such as walkways, driveways, patios, and stairs. As the concrete dries over time, the moisture leaves the mixture, causing it to shrink and crack. When we install concrete features, we help to control the effects of shrinking and cracking with predetermined joints. However, unplanned cracking can still occur and require professional repairs.


The concrete in professional structures has steel rebar placed within it. The use of steel helps to prevent rusting, but if chloride ions are present in the environment, rust can still occur. The rusting causes expansion within the concrete, which puts tension on it and results in cracks.

Salt Lake City, UT’s Concrete Repair Pros

New Era Concrete has a team of friendly and experienced concrete experts to handle your concrete repair needs. Call us whenever you notice any damage to your concrete, and we’ll provide a free estimate on the work you need to be done.

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