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Salt Lake City, UT’s Solution to Concrete Patios & Pads

Installing a new concrete patio or pad on your property is an excellent way to enjoy the seasons from your backyard and add curb appeal and value to your home or business. New Era Concrete makes installation a breeze with our commitment to quality work and impressive results at a competitive price. We’re a locally-owned and -operated company in Salt Lake City, UT, whose concrete specialists have a combined 20+ years of knowledge and experience. Installing concrete patios and pads is a popular part of our workload, and we tailor your finished surface to your aesthetic tastes. You can get a standard concrete patio for a simple look, or we can use coloring and stamping to give it the appearance of stone, bricks, and other desirable finishes.


Why Concrete Is a Better Choice of Material

New Era Concrete recommends using concrete for your patios and pads for many reasons. When you compare it to other materials people use at their homes and businesses, concrete provides various benefits, including low cost, aesthetics, and longevity. Below are some examples of the benefits you get with concrete:

Versatility in Appearance

With coloring, stamping, and texturing, you can achieve a wide variety of aesthetic effects with concrete. Our finishing techniques effectively emulate the appearance of tile, brick, stone, or wood. You can also add style to your patio or pad with geometric patterns at a low cost.

Long Lifespan

When compared to a wooden patio, concrete surfaces provide decades of use with far less upkeep. Both options require washing and maintenance to protect them from the weather and foot traffic, but concrete only needs maintenance every two or three years while wood needs staining and resealing every year. With concrete, you also never have to worry about rot or mold. You get a cheaper and easier-to-maintain patio or pad that lasts up to 40 years.

Less Expensive Than Other Materials

When you compare its cost to that of other materials for patios and pads, such as paver stones, concrete is one of the most affordable options. You also get the benefit of minimal maintenance to keep your concrete in top shape. There’s no need to replace pieces of wood or habitually refinish the surface.

Impressive Durability

Concrete holds more weight than other materials like wood, which takes away the worry of heavy equipment or furniture. It also stands up to weather better than wood, which can rot and fade from exposure to the elements. Besides concrete’s reinforcing fibers in the mix, it also has rebar put in during installation, plus many coats of sealant.

Extensive Experience in Building Sports Court

We can install any size sport court to fit your family needs. New Era Concrete has extensive experience building all types of sports court surfaces, including pickleball, tennis & basketball courts. We can design any size court to fit your needs, including full-size regulation courts and half courts. We would be glad to provide a free estimate for your sport court project. Call us today 801-512-6291.

Start Your Project With a Free Estimate

New Era Concrete welcomes large and small concrete projects, and we value your business and honor the trust you place in us with your concrete needs. When you contact us, we’ll give you a free estimate.

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