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Trust Our Expertise With Your Stairs & Walkways

The team at New Era Concrete wants your property to be a safe and beautiful place for your family, staff, and visitors, and that includes expert installation and repairs for your concrete stairs and walkways. While our locally owned and operated business is based in Salt Lake City, UT, we serve residential and commercial clients throughout Davis County and the Wasatch Front. We bring over 20 years of combined experience to every job site, and our expertise ensures quality work whenever you need stairs or walkways. Concrete is an outstanding material because of its durability, versatility in appearance, longevity, and many other reasons. When you hire professionals like us to perform an installation or repair, you get smooth, even surfaces perfectly measured, colored, textured, and stamped to suit your style. With New Era Concrete, you also get the convenience of competitive prices on all our work.

Panorama frame Piched roof over the vivid red front door

Concrete Work for Residential & Commercial Clients

Stairs and walkways are an essential surface to move to and from homes and businesses, as well as between levels. If you have a front door or other entryways above ground level, you need expertly installed stairs to ensure people’s safety whenever they visit or leave. The same goes for smooth, even walkways connecting entries to parking lots, parks, and the street. New Era Concrete offers concrete stairs and walkways tailored to your dimensions, aesthetic wishes, and budget. With our affordable concrete work, you get a boost in your property’s curb appeal and functionality. You can select a standard concrete surface for a simple look, and we can texturize it for traction and visual appeal. Another option includes coloring and stamping the concrete, which allows it to emulate such stylish surfaces as brick, stone, tile, and beautiful geometric designs.

Call Us in Salt Lake City, UT for Service

New Era Concrete is ready to help you add function and beauty to your residential or commercial property with concrete stairs and walkways. Our team will gladly discuss your concrete needs, and we’ll give you a free estimate on the project.

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